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NOTE: WebNumbers for Book 2 are available for a limited time.  These will be phased out when the new editions of Book 2 become available in Summer 2017.

You've found the Kids 4 Truth WebNumbers site, and we're glad you're here! We hope this part of Kids 4 Truth Clubs will be exciting for you! The WebNumbers project is designed to highlight important parts of your TruthBooks, and it features your "Memorize It!" Q&A portions, TruthBook commentary sections, activities, links to resources and dynamations, and bonus material related to the topic you are studying.

After you look up your WebNumber, be sure to check out the other activities and dynamations on Kids 4 Truth's main website ( And come back every day to read the devotionals on our "It's All About God!" daily devotionals website.

We always love to hear from you, so be sure to tell us what you think of the WebNumbers site! To do that, just click on the Contact Us link over there on the left.


This is how you use the WebNumbers site: To get started, you need to type in a WebNumber. WebNumbers are found in the lower right corner of the first page of each new unit in your TruthBook. (That means there are 60 WebNumbers in every TruthBook!) Look up the WebNumber for the TruthBook unit you are currently studying. Then, type that WebNumber into the box at the upper left corner of this page. Hit the "GO!" sign that our frog friend Zebedee is holding, and you will be taken to a WebNumbers Page just for that unit in the TruthBook.

Working with the Discoverers Level? We have WebNumber pages available for them as well. The Discoverers numbers are not in their TruthBook and are a 4 digit number instead of 6 digits. Simply start with an 01 and add the theme number (01-12). Type the WebNumber for the theme you want into the box at the upper left corner of this page. Hit the "GO!" sign that our frog friend Zebedee is holding, and you will be taken to a WebNumbers Page just for that doctrinal theme for the Discoverers level.

The WebNumbers KidPages include activities, crafts, and puzzles that help you learn the current "Memorize It!" you are studying in your TruthBooks. Pick out something you want to do, click on it, and that activity, craft, or puzzle will pop up in another window. You may print out KidPages, too – as many copies of them as you need. You will find an answer key on the second page of each activity, craft, or puzzle.

The adult portion of each WebNumbers page will give you (parents and ministry workers) additional resources for teaching. You will find links to resource articles, links to our popular dynamations (dynamic animated multimedia presentations), and additional content that is not printed in the TruthBooks. For your convenience, at the lower right corner of each WebNumber page, you will find a link to the corresponding TTLP (Teacher TruthTime Lesson Plan) for each unit in the TruthBook.

(Please note: we may not fully endorse all content or articles on other websites that we link to for helpful resource articles.)


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